Why do Governments
choose LeverID?

Post-Quantum Capable Design

The advent of quantum computing brings new security challenges. With this in mind, LeverID has been tailored to feature quantum capability.

Largely Scalable

Product design and infrastructure configuration enable vast scalability even by utilization of hundreds of millions of users.


Attack-Tolerant and Reliable

LeverID features distributed private key implementation, ensuring no service breaks and reliable defense against threats.


Fast Transaction Speed

Whether it’s authentication or signing, transactions speeds remain consistently swifter than any RSA-based solution.

Fully Customisable Approach

A modular solution with white label readiness to ensure the product can be configured to suit a specific country.

Universal Login

Enable citizens and residents access to different digital government services via one universal login.

Ease of Integration

Being technically documented, ease of integration is enabled through API or a software development kit (SDK) for clients wishing to integrate LeverID.

Mobile-First Design

Designed with mobile users in mind, our solution allows our users to effortlessly authenticate and sign from anywhere in the world.

LeverID is designed for interoperability

Once a person has verified their identity with LeverID, they will never have to re-verify their identity again across any government institution where LeverID is integrated.

Easy-to-Use for Everyone

It’s easy for people of all demographics and social groups to use LeverID to authenticate their identity, sign documents and confirm transactions.

Designed to Withstand the Test of Time

Most ID solutions are based on RSA cryptography, that was invented in 1977. With the rapid development of microchips, we will soon see quantum computers that will be able to break most RSA encryptions, creating a huge national security threat.

LeverID is based on elliptical curve cryptography, that coupled with modularity, enables the replacement of different cryptography standards within the system. Such capability allows LeverID to withstand the test of time.

Based on Patent-Pending Technology

LeverID is based on patent-pending technology, thereby forging the path for new industry standards, as well as yielding sustainability.

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