LeverID transforms the most complex and granular of compliance standards into a straightforward and seamless experience.

Frictionless integrations

We’ve created APIs that have been built from the ground up in order to ensure that your very own developers can utilize and integrate them with relative ease.

Future-proofing made easy

With regulations being fickle and ever-in flux, it’s essential that our solution is too. When compliance changes are required, no action is needed on your end — we’ll ensure LeverID is up to snuff.

No hidden fees

Using LeverID ensures that you won’t be subject to any large up-front charges for additional infrastructure or HSMs.

Whatever you need, LeverID delivers

Whether you’re focused on digital signatures, document management, or anything else in the sphere of e-services, you can rest assured that our solution will do all the legwork for you.

Group 271

Signature Collections

APIs enabling remote signature collection from 3rd parties.


Digital Signing

APIs for swift and secure signing, timestamping, and validation of files and documents.


APIs for confirming users’ identities through various approved authentication methods.

TSP Monitoring

Reliable insights and overviews of TSPs (Trust Service Providers) and eIDs.

International services made easy

Despite the countless eID formats and systems being used throughout Europe, LeverID supports the majority of them, meaning cross-border services are easier to integrate than ever.

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LeverID is fully compliant with high-tier security standards

With security at the heart of what we do at LeverID, the standards we adhere to when designing and developing our solutions are second to none.

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